“Action now will ease the pain later”

Our lives are spent earning money and accumulating assets for ourselves and our relatives. Your estate includes: real estate investments such as houses, home units and land; personal possessions such as household contents,jewellery, cars and boats, investments in shares, managed funds, businesses, gold and silver, cash in the bank and other items of property. A legally valid will is the best way to make sure these assets are given to the people of your choice and that the winding up of your estate is managed by an executor of your choosing.

What you should tell your Solicitor

After choosing a solicitor, provide them information about:

  1. Your property, vehicles, wealth, bonds and shares. If you have property out of Australia, tell your solicitor about it.
  2. What will be given to whom? Decide who will get your assets after your death such as your family, relatives, charity or spouse.
  3. If you have any specific wish for your funeral.
  4. If you want to be cremated or buried.
  5. If there are children below 18 in your family, you may wish to appoint a legal guardian for them who can manage their expenses after you die. It may also include step children or adopted children.
  6. Name the executors of your will. The executor can be a single person or a group of people chosen from your family or a professional person.

How to make a will and employ a solicitor?

Before consulting the solicitor give some thought to the following issues and prepare an inventory of your property and who you believe will benefit by these items ;

  1. Who will take care of your children below age18?
  2. Who will be your executor?
  3. What if a beneficiary does not survive you?
  4. Funeral wishes and wishes around repatriation of the body.
  5. Does any particular beneficiary have special circumstances that need taking into account

A solicitor who has been preparing wills for people on a regular basis and undertakes ongoing professional study is able to answer any questions about specific circumstances which arise. Everyone has a unique and personal situation that needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

You are expressing your feelings and love for your loved ones when you take the time to plan ahead with a will.