About Us

Acting as a business with a clear vision and purpose, Your Solicitor is established to protect rights and interests. We precisely understand the individual needs of our clients and demonstrate it by providing care and diligence into each relationship. Identifying that we work in a commercial world, we are completely focused, rendering with expert and professional services in all aspects of the business, ensuring consistent productivity and growth.

We follow an ethical approach and make relationship with all customers based on trust and integrity.

Who we are

Your Solicitor is run by a couple Mark Macnamara& Debbie Mcnamara who are responsible for the day to day commission operations. Our office is located at 5 Cassell Street, Werribee, Victoria- 3030.

Mark Mcnamara is authorized by Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia. He is also a member of LIV Victoria. He has been practicing in Queensland for eight years and handling cases of properties and investment properties as well as is also involved in local community activities.

We Listen, We Consult, We Come to You

How our services are unique?

We provide a complete legal support to people who wish to divide their asset legitimately among their kids or other family members. Our legal service team also verifies policy and hear appeals from people who have been deprived of legal assistance.

Our Services